Hitchcock is Very Good

By luigi9
Written December 15, 2012
We really found the movie exciting. I do believe however that the fact that we are old Hitchcock fans, both in the movie theaters and on television, made us recognize and react favorably to the various references to his earlier works. Having no experience with the executives in the movie industry, we found his position made more difficult by his studio execs. We both loved the movie, and found the stars extremely convincing in their roles.
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Hitchcock Kills It

By Clamman27
Written November 29, 2012
Very well done look at the making of PYSCHO. Hopkins and Mirren are extraordinary in their respective roles, and it's fun to the see a stellar supporting cast re-create PYSCHO. The make up on Hopkins is incredible. It's worth seeing for just his transformation. My only complaint is that we didn't get to see enough re-creations. I could have sat throw another 20 minutes easily. Overall, it's a fun ride.
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Pretty Good

By elvispiva
Written December 11, 2012
Very strong cast. Hopkins is unrecognizable and marvellous in the lead. Helen Mirren is also tremendous. Scarlett is passable as Janet Leigh, which, frankly, is pretty good for her. The movie gives some insight into what Hitchcock had to put on the line for this movie that redifined the genre.
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Hitchcock is a winner!

By stev6543212
Written December 03, 2012
Paced like one of Hitchcock's movies (as it should - most movies nowadays are too long and not crisply edited) the movie is worth seeing. It tackles a lot of the issues that come with the art/genius of moviemaking and the personalities involved and does it with insight and wit. go see it: one of the top three movies of the year!
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Hitchcock - an excellent movie

By globalreach
Written December 16, 2012
'Hitch' as he liked to called was an odd duck. He had a gift for presenting intrigue and suspense. Basically, this movie shows his emotional ups and downs in the creation of the masterpiece and classic, "Psycho". Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren were both great, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the movie.
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