A fun trip back in time for Baby Boomers

By donnahu
Written December 02, 2015
In spite of the subject matter of this film - a movie based on a grisly mass murderer, directed by a corpulent Peeping Tom, it was really quite charming. All the characters were well developed and the film seems to accomplish what it sets out to do. The difficulty Hitchcock had getting the film made, the relationship between Hitchcock and his wife and her mostly unrecognized contributions, and The Way Things Were back in 1960. I loved the nightmares, the conversations with Ed Gein, and my favorite part, when Hitchcock's wife tells him off. Perhaps not as interesting for younger folks than for those of us who remember Hitchcock.
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Hitchcock is Masterful

By pedsarq
Written August 28, 2015
The so-called "Master of Suspense" appears to have had some climactic revelations in his personal life with his wife, Alma Hitchcock, during the period when he produced the movie Psycho. The role of his wife is well-played by the amazing Helen Miren. This movie postulates the theory that his wife played a pivotal role in most of Hitchcock's films, which seems plausible since she was in the moviemaking business before Hitchcock and was even his boss at one point. . The movie does do an eloquent job of outlining Hitchcock's transgressions with his "Hitchcock blonde" leading ladies and his infatuation with Vera Miles and Grace Kelly. The movie also gives us a glimpse at how prudish and prohibitive the movie industry and the U.S. government were during the late 1950s. It's a miracle that Hitchcock was able to manage to produce such creative films during those restrictive times.
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By c jay chudnoff
Written July 02, 2015
For those who saw the original "Psycho" in the late 1950's this movie is completely capturing as Anthony Hopkins portrayal of Alfred Hitchcock is spellbinding. The story of the making of the movie great. Including the dark side of Hitchcock's personality drew on the human side of the master and showed some of his frailties. Helen Mirren is perfect as Hitches wife and partner. Cudos to those who made this movie.
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Hitchcock's a Hit

By jonijusa
Written January 29, 2015
Two award winning actors, a fantastically done biography about the great one-what else is there to say? The movie is most definitely worth your time and consideration. Mostly about Hitch's trails and tribulations making the movie Psycho, but goes in good depth about the man, and also the very important woman behind the man. Totally recommended!
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Wonderful Surprise

By EvanPhilips
Written October 10, 2015
Why is it when critics say something is excellent I am far more disappointed than when they give something an average review. It was clear that this film was about a turning point in a great film maker's career. Hitchcock's shifting from the suspense and intrigue to the suspense with horror. Anthony Hopkins does an excellent portrayal and is outstanding! The casting of the film over all was wonderful. It gives you the amount of insight you need about the man and his personal life, and his passions at that juncture. It is humorous, and playful, just as he was when he introduced his show on the "Alfred Hitchcock Hour". His struggles with Paramount and the censor board were reminisce of those scenes with Howard Hughes in "The Aviator" but far from a hack. It is Hitchcock dealing with censorship and the Studio not Howard Hughes. A phenomenally entertaining movie, that keeps one smiling and curious. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful film maker!
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