Wonderful Surprise

By EvanPhilips
Written October 21, 2014
Why is it when critics say something is excellent I am far more disappointed than when they give something an average review. It was clear that this film was about a turning point in a great film maker's career. Hitchcock's shifting from the suspense and intrigue to the suspense with horror. Anthony Hopkins does an excellent portrayal and is outstanding! The casting of the film over all was wonderful. It gives you the amount of insight you need about the man and his personal life, and his passions at that juncture. It is humorous, and playful, just as he was when he introduced his show on the "Alfred Hitchcock Hour". His struggles with Paramount and the censor board were reminisce of those scenes with Howard Hughes in "The Aviator" but far from a hack. It is Hitchcock dealing with censorship and the Studio not Howard Hughes. A phenomenally entertaining movie, that keeps one smiling and curious. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful film maker!
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By paray9065
Written December 08, 2012
The film is well acted obviously from this remarkable cast. I found the film interesting from an educational view point. Hitchcock's success was before I was old enough to savior his work. So I was fascinated to learn more. It is not a block buster with lots of AHH's. It is a solid film, with great acting.
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Hitchcock is Very Good

By luigi9
Written October 25, 2014
We really found the movie exciting. I do believe however that the fact that we are old Hitchcock fans, both in the movie theaters and on television, made us recognize and react favorably to the various references to his earlier works. Having no experience with the executives in the movie industry, we found his position made more difficult by his studio execs. We both loved the movie, and found the stars extremely convincing in their roles.
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Well Done

By specialten
Written August 22, 2014
Enjoyed this movie. I have admired Hitchcock's work, and was entertained thoroughly to see his complicated personality and relationships, and how they influenced his creativity. The backstory of "Psycho" was enlightening.
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Despite formula, it works

By scottwoods
Written December 19, 2012
A little light on behind-the-scenes Psycho trivia, this is yet another film that uses something we all think we know - psycho - to tell a disparate love story. The device is kind of worn these days, but it works here because of the caliber of the cast and the engaging tie-ins.
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