Behind every successful man is a woman...

By pdyon54
Written July 29, 2016
Went to see this with my husband. What most impressed me was how much Hitch relied on his wife. Great acting and wonderful cinematography. We thoroughly enjoyed it. For everyone who is a fan of the masterful Alfred Hitchcock and those who have yet to discover his artistry. A must see. PJD in Lakewood CO
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Must if you are a fan

By lexygirl5
Written December 06, 2016
This cast was wonderful and the story was playful. I was drawn into the world of this film as easily as one of Hitchcock's own episodes on his tv series. Lots of fun notes throughout the script and Anthony Hopkins performance is spot on. Don't wait for this one if you are a fan.
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A Must For Hitchcock Fans

Written April 26, 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed Hitchcock! It felt like a behind the scenes tour of Psycho. Anthony Hopkins didn't play Hitchcock - he WAS Hitchcock! Besides loving this movie, it left me with the desire to watch all of Hitch's movies again! This was a fitting tribute to a genius.
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By DBee
Written February 21, 2017
It's no surprise that Anthony Hopkins does such a great job, as does Helen Mirren...but it is the script, direction and editing that really makes this so worth seeing!
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For the serious Hitchcock fans only...

By t-Bone Adams
Written May 27, 2016
Just checked out Hitchcock last night. I for one loved it but I am a big fan of the director the subject of the film, so I went in with excitement. As a stand alone film I thought the story could have been a little stronger but overall the performances were spot on and amazing. Anthony Hopkins & Helen Mirren hit the mark and became the couple that ruled suspense and macabre film kingdom as the time in hollywodd. And the supporting cast was amazing! I came away satisfied that I step into the voyeristic view of the great director and his wife in a pivotal time in his movie career. It was fun to see how Psycho came to be. I was inspired.
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