I would recommend this movie

By BayHeyser
Written April 25, 2015
Hitchcock is brought to light by the wonderful lead actors. I believe Anthony Hopkins does an amazing job at being Hitchcock. I like how the movie takes place during his struggle of making one of his greatest films. I really like how, throughout the movie it flashes between Hitchcock and clips of Psycho, the movie starts out with one brother killing another, the start of psycho was the start of Hitchcock. I did not like how dramatic the movie actually was. I believe that certain scenes and situation like when he was trying to get the seal approved for the movie and he was completely sarcastic, that just seemed too unreal. All in all I would recommend this movie.
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For a movie about the master of suspense, there's no suspense

By JanetReid
Written September 04, 2015
Hellen Mirren is amazing. The rest of the movie isn't.
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By lemonwater
Written December 16, 2012
A very well acted and interesting movie. Definitely should see the original movie Psycho in order to appreciate all the nuances of this movie.
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By jfkmam10
Written December 13, 2012
Great entertainment. Hopkins may get nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Hitchcock. Very convincing performance. Really enjoyed this movie.
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enjoyed it

By gurufandango
Written December 18, 2012
Anthony Hopkins always makes a good movie. He makes a movie good. As does Helen Mirren.
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