Love Hitchcock And Hopkins Is Always Good!

By Shamiam
Written July 25, 2016
Very good movie. Hitchcock is a movie that takes a look at an extraordinary director from an unexpected angle. I was expecting more of a documentary film, and was surprised when I realized it was actually a love story. The movie portrays Hitchcock during the most stressful time in his life making Psyco. The story focuses on the stress in Hitchcock's marriage as he struggles to create his greatest movie of all time. Definitely not what I expected. Still a very good movie. Recommend to all Alfred Hitchcock fans. Anthony Hopkins is always on the top of his game when acting.
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For a movie about the master of suspense, there's no suspense

By JanetReid
Written September 04, 2015
Hellen Mirren is amazing. The rest of the movie isn't.
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By lemonwater
Written December 16, 2012
A very well acted and interesting movie. Definitely should see the original movie Psycho in order to appreciate all the nuances of this movie.
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enjoyed it

By gurufandango
Written December 18, 2012
Anthony Hopkins always makes a good movie. He makes a movie good. As does Helen Mirren.
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By Shelley26
Written December 11, 2012
I am a bid Hitchcock fan and this movie didn't disappoint. Well cast and well acted it held my interest throughout.
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