Well worth the ticket price

By khuxford
Written August 23, 2012
This movie had the wife and us laughing hard several times and enjoying it throughout. I was impressed to see that Dax Sheppard starred, directed and co-wrote it. There are some feel good elements to it, which isn't something you generally see combined with violent slapstick and foul-mouthed comedy, but worked well, IMO.
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By thedoctor777
Written August 22, 2012
This movie has great driving scenes that I found entertaining. The acting is fine and the cast seemed to fit their parts well. It is predictable and there are no surprises to catch you off guard. If you don't mind excessive cussing from start to finish then it's worth an evening at the movies.
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Much Better Than Expected

By cali4niacurt
Written August 24, 2012
It's always nice to go into a movie with low expectations only to find a gem of a movie that you really enjoy. Hit and Run was a fun comedy where I could just sit back, relax and enjoy. All the characters, even the bad guys, were so likeable. I enjoyed the characters, story, and car chases. Is this going to be the best movie you see this year? Of course not. Are there holes in the story? Yes. Is it going to be 2 hours of your life you'll enjoy? Absolutely. Go see it.
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By skinmeister
Written August 27, 2012
My husband and I saw the movie this weekend and were superbely entertained. The humor is kind of raunchy and radical at times but it's a fast paced story with many unexpected twists and turns that'll keep youi on the edge of your seat.
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Fun Day At The Movies

By Dennis in Oregon
Written August 23, 2012
I became aware of this movie when the two leads made an appearance on AM Northwest in Portland. They were so natural and appealing; I decided to see the movie. It was lots of fun from the very beginning to end. I think I will see it again. One thing I did not like was the overuse of the F word. Watch for cameos. I would look forward to a sequel...
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