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  • Martial Arts


Hong Kong action parody Himalaya Singh spoofs everything from kung-fu movies to Hindu mythology, all at a frantic pace. The title character is a not-too-bright yogi who has lived in the Himalayas his entire life until, as the movie opens, his parents kick him out to marry his betrothed: a drop-dead gorgeous lady aptly named India Beauty. Himalaya, however, is in love with a Chinese girl named Tally, who is none too pleased to hear that her lovable dope is engaged to another. She goes on a rampage, determined to turn Himalaya into a jerk and punish Beauty with an unhappy marriage, but meanwhile, a couple of traveling hoodlums who've drunk a memory-loss potion and can't keep track of who they are add even more chaos to Himalaya's situation. ~ Cammila Collar, Rovi

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