Great Clean movie with Great message and highlights a hidden issue in Hypocrite family

By madhusudanbbtg
Written February 23, 2014
It is great clean movie, because no adult scenes, a great movie doesn't have to have adult scenes and can be watched with families. It contains a message to parents to be careful of our daughters with all surrounding people as hypocrite and child abusers live with and around us. Also highlights the hypocrisy in higher society which wants to always show off, but its hollow inside. Great Scenic view of nature. Decent people will love it. Well directed with clean movie, otherwise bollywood movies have many unwanted dirty scenes just to capture viewers of lower thinking. I will say a must watch movie.
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Its ssslloowwww

By aadhikar
Written March 02, 2014
Movies about stockholm syndrome although not common, are not new in bollywood. This one does a great job of keeping things realistic: acting / language / dialogs. Randeep and Alia's acting is very good. However, the movie seems to fall in love with itself. Wayy too much time is spent in showing beautiful locales, the build up of the bond between the captor and the abductee - and when the bond is built, it ends quickly. The characters are not complex, from the story to its ending everything is so cheesy and predictable - they need not have spent so much time telling the tale. It could have been a good flick had they mixed in the element of police chase and the planning that goes into the capture. None of that is shown, instead it degenerates into a boring, long, predictable love-ishtory. I basically kept nagging my friends for last hour or so "Mai bore ho gaya, mai jaataa hoon".
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By abhishekgl
Written February 28, 2014
crappy story
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