High Tension Synopsis
A casual trip to the family farmhouse turns into a nightmare for a girl and one of her friends.
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this was scary

By mas1195
this movie was scary and gory it was so scary that it couid happen awsome scary slasher film. rated r for pervasive bloody violence gore brief nudity and some languege...

My Favorite Thriller

By too_legit
Awesome amount of twists. Non stop action and mystery. Very spooky and glorified....

A must see and have for all horror fans.

By justwanttoseeamovie
The title says it all....

High Octane = HIGH TENSION

By lugubriousthespian
French import HIGH TENSION is a definite throwback to 70s slasher flicks and certainly pumps up the adrenaline from the onset as two female classmates retreating to the one girl's remote family...

High concept thriller

By redyeah
This horror movie has deep thought. There are many subtle hints at what is to come and yet, the ending is not completely given away. Not for those with a weaker stomach. There is a lot to handle with...

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Rated R | For graphic bloody killings, terror, sexual content and language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says not for kids This gruesome slasher movie is not for kids.
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