What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this made-for-TV movie is hugely popular with tweens -- and has spawned its own marketing empire, from CDs to clothes to video games. Its sanitized depiction of high school may not ring true to older teens, but tweens will get strong messages about acceptance and being true to yourself -- as well as about supporting your friends when they want to try something new. A father-son relationship is tested when the boy asserts his independence, and there are some near-kisses between the lead couple, but overall this is tame stuff.
  • Families can talk about peer pressure and how to resist it. How can teens stand up to friends who belittle their choices or talents?
  • Are the movie's characters good role models? What do you think the filmmakers want kids to take away from watching this movie?
  • Why is it important to try new things?
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