High-Rise Synopsis
Life for the residents of a tower block begins to run out of control.
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Life in the high-rise out of control?

By sbt427n
The film is out of control, it seemed. We had a tough time following it. Also, the scenes depicted also didn't seem to make sense either. In the end, we walked out of the screening room at a loss....


By rkbrown24
Worst I've seen this year....


By luvolemovies
Great cinematography...otherwise a waste of money and time along with watching strong actors in some weak roles....

By zitaskid
Caligula on crack...

Dark, dystopian, demented and delightful

By julep
This is bleak retro dystopian - stylized, episodic, claustrophobic and frenetic. The tone and mood is right on, and it is disturbing and witty. It could have been shorter and more tightly edited,...

High Rise

By ArtHouseGuy65
An amazing ride!! Beautifully acted and directed....

movie was terrible!

By akaplan41
This film was chaotic. Impossible to understand. As my friend said, "it was like a student film gone bad." The actor playing the main character is very handsome. Not much else to enjoy. Also, there...

Loki in in the high rise

By capojeff280
Loki meets Alfred from batman vs superman and goes crazy, while people make love and the rich fight the poor, cause a guy falls of a building....

Nice Try, but… Meh

By DanFeotu

Fun insanity

By kouru225
This is a film not only about insane people, but seemingly created by insane people, switching alternately between horrifying and sarcastic with a tinge of Brian De Palma-esque dreamy stylization...

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Rated R | For Violence, Language, Graphic Nudity, Disturbing Images, Some Drug Use and Strong Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Tons of sex and violence in unpleasant Ballard adaptation.
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