Rape is not a bad thing I guess....

By dwissba68
Written April 20, 2009
So let me ask you what you think is worse. A black woman being called a "black *****," or a white woman getting raped? John Singleton seems to think getting called a black ***** is the worst thing that can happen. At least that is what he put in his trash of a film Higher Learing. What can be gained from this film? In this film all white people are no good, all cops are bad, all black people are not able to be hateful racists but can judge and act hateful towards white people and it is justified. If we want to teach our kids about hate and race we had better find a different way than making crap like what Mr. Singleton made with Higher Learning. Young black people will see this film and only assume the worst about white people. Racism does exist in this country but lets be clear that it can exist in all people and in all colors. This film is shameless!
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