Hidden Secrets Synopsis
Tensions escalate when nine friends reunite at the funeral of a hometown hero.
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Hidden Secrets

By Lillian Read
The movie and the out-takes were very good. Very real story line and real characters about miscommunication between people and especially in our relationship with God. I thought that Rhonda portrayed...

Hidden Secrets

By euricka25
I liked how the movie showed the different types of christians and how even devoted christians make mistakes and sin. I loved how John Schneider's character clashed with Autum Paul's character and at...

hidden secrets

By tercar85
we loved this movie, EXCELLENT everybody should see it....


By jillripley
I enjoyed the movie and it had many great messages. I appreciate a movie such as this. However, I think they may have been trying too hard....


By movie_barb
I really liked it. Can't believe it's on for one day only. The theme is one everyone needs to hear. The movie can relate to many. I'd see it again....

Hidden Secrets was Fantastic!

By yeshuasgirl2000
My husband and I agree - we must get a copy of this movie to share! It touched on real issues of today in the light of God's Word. My friend and her 11 year old daughter came to the viewing and...

Great movie!

By ireneevans
Great movie!...

Most excellent movie this year!

By jeanne_b
Very REAL. Very engaging....

Hidden Secrets - Great movie

By marsamdre
I thought it was geared toward Christian and nonchristian alike. I thought they did a great job developing the characters and the story line. My children went also and were not bored ( that says...

A very funny movie

By Mstewart
I really enjoyed this film. It has a lot of funny lines and the acting was very good. I would recommend this movie....