He's Way More Famous Than You Synopsis
An actress (Halley Feiffer) tries to revive her failing career by making her own movie.

Movie Reviews

Edgy funny with all star cast

By surferdudelagb
This film is about an young up and coming actress who wants to become famous and decides to make her own movie. On the road to making this movie, she is determined to do anything to make it happening...

Unrelentingly irritating

By lincmad
HWMFTY is supposed to be a parody, with the stars (minor and major) playing caricatures of themselves for comedic effect. Unfortunately, the main character is so unrelentingly irritating that she...

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By claycook
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Great cast!

By ishin47
I was surprised when I saw Ben stiller's cameo as well as Jesse Eisenberg cameo! They had a very good cast! I was cracking up when I saw Ben stiller when he came on because he was very funny in that...

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By andymcentee
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