Written February 04, 2009
I just attended the advance press preview of this CHARMING 129-minute movie-adaptation of the book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. Since I have not read the book, I had no expectations going into the preview - and I was TOTALLY bowled-over by how GREAT the ensemble cast performed - and also by how well the stories/romantic misadventures wove together. Kudos to director Ken Kwapis for a job well-done! This movie featured a really GREAT-looking cast - but that should not be the main reason to go see it. Instead, go because of the totally relevant insights on dating, marriage, flirting, cheating/adultery, etc. As I mentioned earlier, the cast did a superb job - you will laugh, cry, sigh, giggle, ponder, and go through a gamut of emotions - AND end up being very satisfied with the ending. The preview audience gave it a resounding ovation at the end. VERDICT: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Great date movie - for BOTH men and women. Go see it - ENJOY!!! (I'll watch it again!)
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“HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU” -- But you’ll likely quite get into THIS! =

By jimchudnow
Written February 04, 2009
Since I'd expected mainly "fluff”, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that this film was instead an unusually WELL-DONE ensemble piece. There’s a bunch of periodically-intertwined stories of different people looking for, avoiding and trying to improve love in their lives, with unanticipated twists, turns and revelations along the way. GINNIFER GOODWIN plays a needy woman who naively believes the lines she’s fed, and JUSTIN LONG tries to clue her in reality-wise. JENNIFER ANISTON & BEN AFFLECK play a long-term couple with problems. SCARLETT JOHANSSON flits in & out of the lives of numerous people including KEVIN CONNOLLY & BRADLEY COOPER. As a friend commented, he’d expected this to be a chick flick, & instead it was an unexpectedly thought-provoking and telling commentary on life today, with characters who strongly reminded him of numerous people he HIMSELF knows. While a drama, it’s got a good deal of inherent humor, fine acting, and you’ll likely find it strongly enjoyable.
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He's Just Not That Into You

By trouble4me2
Written February 24, 2009
Sucked! I like chick flicks but this wasn't even a chick flick... terrible! If the rating was from 1, being the worst, to 10 the best, I'd rate this a "2". Don't waste your money... it was good I got free tickets!
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By SiMpLyMex0
Written January 17, 2009
I didnt see this movie yet, but I read the book. The book was really great. I am very excited to see the movie. I just hope its as good as the book. Sometimes when they make movies from books its not as good as the book was. Im hoping they dont leave anything out and just make it awesome. It has a great cast of people so im hoping its good!
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He's Just Not that Into You

By Primarita
Written February 13, 2009
Great film! It's funny and has a great mixture of true-to-life drama. Saw the movie with my girlfriends and we were like" OMG, that so was me, at some point" . We all read the book, when it came out,so we're all recovering Gigi's. I have recommended this movie to others. Afterwards, go to your nearest Starbucks and exchange war stories. *Followup with reading " Why Men love b$%ches".
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