I can't remember the last time I laughed this much at the movies.

By indiegoernyc
Written June 17, 2011
Incredible performances!!! Loved every bit of it.
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Hardcore and heartfelt!

By earthdragon
Written September 20, 2011
A heartfelt, human drama that's also hilarious and vulgar the whole way through! Solid flick - see it. This is as unique and original as they come.
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By BHS1963
Written May 23, 2011
Surprisingly funny & entertaining!!! Loved it! It's not for children or anyone mildly prudish-but the audience in the Village in NYC had a hilarious laugh out loud experience with some applause at the end.
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Not bad....

By WickedTight666
Written May 23, 2011
I think the movie was pretty good. Don't let the A-list actors fool you, this is still an indie flick so don't expect anything spectacular. Great acting by Gordon-Levitt, this guy is something serious.
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By jmbuytaert
Written November 05, 2011
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