Hesher Synopsis
A grief-stricken boy finds a role model in an anarachist.
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I can't remember the last time I laughed this much at the movies.

By indiegoernyc
Incredible performances!!! Loved every bit of it....

Hardcore and heartfelt!

By earthdragon
A heartfelt, human drama that's also hilarious and vulgar the whole way through! Solid flick - see it. This is as unique and original as they come....


By BHS1963
Surprisingly funny & entertaining!!! Loved it! It's not for children or anyone mildly prudish-but the audience in the Village in NYC had a hilarious laugh out loud experience with some applause at...

Not bad....

By WickedTight666
I think the movie was pretty good. Don't let the A-list actors fool you, this is still an indie flick so don't expect anything spectacular. Great acting by Gordon-Levitt, this guy is something...

By jmbuytaert

By ricearoni

Awesome Movie!!

By christybell
My husband and I both loved this movie. It was incredible. I laughed and I cried, and it had a great ending. I highly recommend it! The acting was great and it was well written. It is a very good...


By SethIsAwesome
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a great actor, he really falls into the character of Hesher and provides a twist and turn of craziness in the movie. This is proof that there are still good movies out there...

By szadkowski


By devinbriggs
Really funny and an awesome story.I loved it....

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Rated R | For Disturbing violent behavior, sexual content including graphic dialgoue, pervasive language and drug content - some in the presence of a child
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Common Sense Media says Coming-of-age dramedy is too dark, edgy for kids.
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