Great Combination

By jsp519
Written July 24, 2014
This movie really surpassed our expectations and surprised us. Clean, humorous and a great message of how one person when they really become dedicated to a cause, can bring tremendous change. Great job....bring your older children. The fighting scenes are too much for young kids. Loved it.
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good message - clean - not as funny as I thought

By djunison
Written October 29, 2012
The movie is has a good message but lacks in the funny category. Definitely a movie to take the boys (kids) too. The ladies really didn't enjoy the movie too much but I'd wait until the DVD and save your money. We laughed maybe 4 times throughout the film.
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Love it!

By crazycouponer3
Written December 18, 2014
This was a super cute fun clean family movie! Of course there is some violence b/c he is fighting in the MMA, but if your kids are a little older, it is wonderful!
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Great family movie

By Wws100
Written December 25, 2014
What a pleasant surprise! A comedy with a great message! We took 6 kids, aged 7-16 and they all loved it! We love Kevin James and were pleased to see a clean movie with hilarious moments, but a very inspirational message to make it all the better! Go!
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A GOOD good movie!

Written June 02, 2015
You know how when someone tries to fill the good family movie genre how the movie can kind of turn out Cheesy ro lame. "here comes the BOOM" isn't that movie. This season the other movies we've been to are flight..(walked out in the first 5 minutes) and "skyfall 007" which by the end of the movie you just kindof said... Huh! "Here comes the Boom" was a good GOOD movie. It's great for the whole family. some parts were predictable, but not disappointing. I love the characters... great moral to the story and is definitely going to be added to our home collection.
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