By mnhbmom4kids
Written July 29, 2015
This was a great movie. Interesting plot and funny the whole way through. The critics don't like it because no one gets killed, there is no nudity and it is not a movie that you have to take a prozac to recover from. It is a good movie that will have you smiling the whole way through. I have never seen an audience so engaged in a movie the whole way through. Will go again.
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By johannlwilkerson
Written May 24, 2015
BOOM, BOOM, BOOM shake the room. This movie is one of a kind! I enjoyed every minute of it. Kevin James is one of a kind. This movie had all the thrills of an action packed movie, all the humor of a comedy and all the romance of a love story! UFC, love story,education, The American spirit! Who could ask for anything more!
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Surprisingly Good

By HB_TheMovieLover
Written August 29, 2015
This has to be the best Keven James movie yet! Hilarious, yet also had a really good message. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments and the fight scenes were very well done. I'm recommending this one to all my friends and to any one who just wants to go see an enjoyable movie.
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Feel-good sports movie

By pedsarq
Written May 01, 2016
Okay, so this movie is entertaining for the most part because the characters (and actors) are easy to like. Kevin James plays a good guy who masquerades as a tough guy in the job of a biology teacher. For example, he drives a matte black Triumph motorcycle to work with a leather jacket and a 50s style helmet. He's also good friends with a music teacher, played by Henry Winkler (yes, The Fonz), who is about to get laid off because the school doesn't have the money to continue to support the music program. James's character gets the idea to become a UFC fighter to make enough money to save his friends job. Let the pummeling begin!
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Funny movie....

By npd4866
Written September 04, 2015
There was some funny parts to the movie. Kevin James was funny and pulled off the part pretty well. He uplifted the kids in the class and got a lady in the process. A win win. I don't really think he could do the real UFC, but it was funny. Kid/ teenager friendly.
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