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By kendo1717
Written January 19, 2015
Rock was perfect. All that hard work paid off. his body looked great. what a demi God should be. They don't portray him as unbeatable and makes you really sit back and think. anyone can be whoever they feel and feel in their heart. not only a great movie but inspirational
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Surprising and different

By sopranocharisma
Written January 19, 2015
In a honesty as many have said the trailers are misleading, in my humble opinion this doesn't make Hercules bad, just different than expected. Many people have a hard time letting go of expectation when watching movies but if you can you might just find the unexpected to be good. That was the case with Hercules, it wasn't at all what I expected but it was still really good! Go see it!
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Hercules' strength lies in it's action.

By doubletapstudiosoffi
Written January 19, 2015
You came to see a movie about Hercules starring The Rock... what did you expect? Brett Ratner did a good job of directing this far superior Hercules movie than the previous (I just wish I could forget), and the solid cast gave good performances all around. But what would a movie about Hercules be without amazing action sequences and great feats of strength? This movie delivered on both of those fronts, with very satisfying fights throughout the film. It had a nice sense of humor, and the visuals were beautiful, all in all making it a very solid summer movie. It did suffer from some weak story, and the conflict between characters didn't feel very genuine and I found it hard to be sympathetic to their personal plights, but I feel like those didn't hold it back to much from being what it is: a cool and action-packed summer movie. TL;DR. Much fighting, very strong, wow. 85/100. It held my attention and was an enjoyable distraction. If you enjoy fighting movies, go see it.
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not what the trailers hinted

By timsalinas23
Written September 25, 2015
when you watch the trailers you think it's gonna be about the legend... what you get is the reality, the man behind the legend, not the demigod. I was disappointed
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By gmurphy412
Written September 25, 2015
it put me to sleep
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