By 2buzzby
Written September 03, 2014
Hated it! This is a story about a bunch of pathetic geek losers in the future that fall in love with their operating system. The ex-wife describes it best when she says that he couldn't maintain a relationship with her and now he is dating his laptop!
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Great film-scary future.

By naumt999
Written September 03, 2014
If you are one of the people who feel weary about going out with friends all staring at their phones as opposed to life which is actually passing by, then this movie shows an even sadder future. The movie is well done, all actors give a great performance and one would hope that award shows would give some recognition to this film. I recommend going to see this movie for sure.
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Great idea, but...

By ray_and_robin
Written November 16, 2014
Joaquin was excellent and there were many interesting moments. But there were too many tedious moments also. Perhaps if it had been edited better I would have been more intrigued. I had no expectation of action, but I had no expectation of so little activity either. Lying in bed talking to a computer voice gets old quickly. Great concept, however.
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By rguido3
Written September 03, 2014
JP is great in this movie as a perpetually heartbroken soul people can relate to, even though the movie takes place in a "futuristic" LA. I thought the story itself was great - it brings up aspects of A.I. that you wouldn't normally think about after seeing so many sci-fi movies where malevalence toward mankind becomes the only outcome, yet keeps things grounded in a world strikingly similar to today. There are a ton of messages you can pull out of this film, but for me it was this: No matter what the future is like, we all need a friend to get through it - We only have one life, and we can't experience it all by ourselves.
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What an Awesome Movie

By Finch45
Written September 03, 2014
Funny, Sad, Sweet, Interesting, shocking, I was into this movie every step of the way. I say go see it! * * * * * 5/5
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