Profound and sweet at same time

By wprphd1944
Written December 29, 2013
Don't often see films that stretch reality without straining credulity, but "Her" pulls it off. I caught nothing that is outside the bounds of potential technological reality. No glaring internal inconsistencies. Many, many subtle touches - going to see it a second time. Excellent evocation of the "mind-body" problem. Re" "Ghost in the machine": note the continuum of sophistication in artificial intelligence, with subtleties in cognitive and emotional complexity ranging from the playful but angry snowman, to the Korean housekeeper game, to "Her" herself. Maybe it's just me, but think about the title pronoun. It's in the objective case as opposed to the subjective "she." What interesting questions does that raise?
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By jamesldowney
Written January 05, 2014
The New york Times Oscar preview today missed by not including Her as one of the year's best. Mr Phoenix did a superb job and should compete for best actor. I found the story quite beautiful and soothing, a welcome respite from so many overactive and overacted films.
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Suprisingly amusing

By Sgtpika
Written January 15, 2014
"Her" was suprisingly an incredible piece of work. The cast fit perfectly and although you couldn't see Samantha, she gave the audience just enough to fall in love with her, as did our main protagonist. Was never much of a Joaquin Phoenix fan but he did enough so that I could actually enjoy the movie. Definitely recommend it as a date movie.
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By Crowsfeet
Written January 13, 2014
Slightly deeper than I expected, but still really just a long, boring, drawn out and tedious commentary on human needs being increasingly fulfilled electronically, and the socially clumsy and lonely personalities this creates. Interesting men's clothing choices "slightly" in the future. I chuckled a couple of times, but really - I just came away unimpressed and a little creeped out. Meh.
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Walked Out

By andreah7
Written January 19, 2014
Boring, tedious and not a lot of fun. We left after 30 minutes. The premise was interesting, but the execution of this movie left a lot to be desired.
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