Gotta get an earpiece like that!

By donmannes
Written December 22, 2013
The concept seems funny at first, a man dating his computer operating system. The very opposite of "real" human relations; but is it our physical nature that's really necessary to connect with another? What is human consciousness anyway. The movie touches on a very essential layer of who we are and what we expect from relationships. Strangely we may be as "canned" as the OS system created to interact with us. The movie is humorous, touching, farfetched and believable at the same time. Great ending...lots to take home, smile and think about.
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Amazing Film

By dirtys0ap
Written January 15, 2014
Her made me feel like all of my emotions had been run through a washing machine. This movie really blew my mind. There are obvious reasons why this relationship wouldn't work for him, but there are also a surprising number of reasons this relationship wouldn't work for her. Shot with beautiful anamorphic cinematography, there are many great shots of a semi-futuristic Los Angeles. Having Theodore ride the train everywhere eliminated the need for futuristic cars, which almost always breaks my suspension of disbelief due to the lame designs or stupid disguises slapped onto current models. This movie has soooo much subtext, I am still trying to digest. What makes somebody a human? What makes a relationship real? How is this different than a long distance relationship? Why does it matter as long as you're happy? The concept of singularity also plays a central role - that point when technology will evolve to the point that humans cannot even understand it. See it!!!
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Thought provoking

By suzclute
Written January 14, 2014
This was an amazingly creative movie. Thought provoking, sterile yet emotional. I've never been a hugh Joaquin Phoenix fan but he was truly amazing carrying practically the whole story on his shoulders. He had to portray such emotion, mostly in extreme close up with no one in the scene to play off of. Very demanding for the actor and so touching for the audience. You will think about this movie long after it ends.
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By yodertrenton
Written January 28, 2014
The world was just painted so well. The movie was very much about what you could imagine. I kept imagining what Samantha looked like (probably a lot like Scarlett Johansson!). The future they painted was also so realistic that it could one day be a reality, which is a little unnerving. All of that made the movie even better. The comedy side of the movie really played well with the characters and lifted the mood in the more depressing parts of the movie. Joaquin Phoenix should have been nominated for this role.
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By boland7214
Written January 20, 2014
The first several minutes of the movie is a sexual climax scene using internet sex. It seems to go on for a long time.... I find scenes nauseating in any movie that show "bodily functions" such as defecating, humping and sexual climaxing that goes on for a relatively long time. If a movie is on DVD I can "fast forward" sexual climax and "humping" and defecating scenes. In a theater you are stuck there and forced to watch. But not me. In addition, the whole idea of the film seems sad. We got up and walked out and got a refund from Muvico. I'll probably get it on DVD from netflix when it comes out in that format.
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