By capzfan
Written January 06, 2014
So...quintessential modern man who works composing word--processed depictions of feelings for individuals he has never met or spoken to is more comfortable dealing with electrons than flesh and blood. And? Maybe we don't get it. So have him reject a kissing lesson from Olivia Wilde of all people. Get it now? And the point is? Maybe it is science fiction. Is it the inevitable result of the Social Media generation? And the answer is? Will the human race die out as we pair up with avatars? Save your money and do something with those two hours that isn't tedious.
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A 2hr Lifetime special written by a crying poet

By firebirdude
Written January 12, 2014
I cannot believe this movie is getting the ratings that it is. I have no problem playing along with the whole "falling in love with an AI OS system". But it's two hours of two people speaking softly to each other. It's loaded with cliche artsy shots like the classic "steam coming from a manhole cover" while a piano plays slowly in the background. Give me a break. This movie is for a gaggle of 35 year old menstruating heartbroken women. An instant Lifetime movie channel classic. I would not sit through that movie again if you, literally, paid me.
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Very very disappointing

By dougebob
Written January 01, 2014
This is one of those films that is glowingly praised by critics and cultural intelligensia for its symbolism, camera work, and production by Spike Jonze. It's a 2-hour overwrought "love story" of an uninteresting, unsympathetic caricature with a porn mustache who "falls in love" with a 976 operator. The voice's credibility as an OS is unconvincing--there's nothing in this strained love story that is worth believing. I generally like Spike Jonze's work but this movie sucked!
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on the moon

By Artchristopher
Written December 28, 2013
"Her" is a great movie. It had me captivated! It's a honest look at how technology impacts intimacy. I like that it's from a man perspective, thats unique to find in a movie dealing with romance. The design team really created a great look for this film. It's a future that looks very close and achievable. Great screen play , acting, and direction. It's long, so you may get antsy towards the end. This was the best movie I've seen all year. CHEERS!
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Had to keep myself from falling asleep

By spadreamer
Written December 29, 2013
I was excited to see this movie. The preview looked really good. I was very disappointed. I didn't get sucked into the characters and the romance and the dead cat line?? really?? They could have told this story in about 15mins. Please, don't waste your time.
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