Thought-provoking vision of our future

By kathyvid1
Written January 02, 2014
Although I understand those who feel the movie was tedious, I disagree. The movie did have rhythms to appreciate, and those take time to develop. The stark loneliness of the human condition was evidenced very well by Phoenix, whose performance was startling, especially compared to his performance like that in Gladiator. The concept of love and humanity is examined from the perspective of a computer, laid naked, and then flayed. I believe that the movie teaches us what love is and what it can be about, and creates a fearful vision of the future where relationships will change because we are out of touch with our humanity. Taken in this light, this movie is ground-breaking and a very unique way to paint that future. It was a brave vision told brilliantly.
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By bern1509
Written January 23, 2014
Its hard to imagine the future and where technology is taking us...So you have this broken hearted man lonely after divorcing the love of his life and turns to an OS that can only deliver verbal communication for the entire film. If your n a fan of joakem Phoenix I don't recommend this film, it's him in an almost solo performance for two hours. Slowly paced but his performance was 100 percent and amy Adams never misses. If nothing else I give it a b+.
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Good concept, no restraint

By zeoj
Written February 13, 2014
Phoenix did a good job and artificial intelligence is a hot topic. But, this is a very slow-action movie. And, it tries every gimmick without setting any boundaries, so it ends up being mostly a mush. It should have done a better job setting up the conceit and then been shorter overall.
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By kulpmg
Written January 03, 2014
A thoughtful update on some classical movie themes about humans interacting with technology, and dealing with isolation. The movie is stylistically appealing, and there are lots of good visual settings, which augment the themes. Joaquin Phoenix deserves commendation for his performance. I heartily recommend this to anyone who cares to see a move exploring some issues of what personality is and how humans can deal with their loneliness.
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By DTevelin
Written January 01, 2014
Brilliant movie by Spike Jonze. While it takes place in a futuristic society, it is not that far away, and conceivable that one day soon we will all have relationships with our Operating Systems (OS). Joaquin Phoenix was fabulous! Don't miss this wonderful movie.
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