A very different Movie to make you think

By DaveElliottBoston
Written December 27, 2013
This had the potential to be silly/frivolous, but the acting rose above it. I don't know that I would give it 4 Stars as in the Boston Globe, but it was entertaining and worth seeing. It's ALL dialogue, so if you're an action junkie you will be bored. The person I went with felt it was way too long, but I think it was just right and had a good ending which I didn't see coming. Definitely R-rated and not for kids.
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HER, a look into our future??? Scary at best...

By movies2alert
Written December 22, 2013
I rate this a 'MUST GO," due to its look into our interaction and some would say dependency on technology and what that may have in store for us as a human race. HER, was a very good screenplay with a look into how life may be evolving for the human species. One can only hope this is not the path which is unfolding before us. Wonderfully acted by Joaquin Phoenix and the voice of Scarlett Johansson added the perfect touch for this love story between man and machine. The casting for the entire film was on point. Creative and intuitive writing and directing by Spike Jonze, capturing an essence of growing dependency on technology and how more and more we have become disconnected from each other. Think about it, how many folks now prefer texting vs. a face to face conversation these days??? Is HER a true prediction of things to come and how we define relationships in the future?
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Guys - Don't Go!!

By cparam1
Written January 02, 2014
First let me say I'm a 58 year old professional with and advanced college degree - not Neanderthal. I've seen plenty of "chick flicks" and enjoyed many of them. That said, I went with my wife. She really liked it; I was bored to death!! Its a two hour moving about feelings and a guy's inability to express them to the people he cares about. At least that what my wife told me it was about. I just thought it was mind numbing and boring. If you are into feelings then go and enjoy. Most guys I know aren't, so send the wife or girlfriend with one of their female friends and stay home and watch football.
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Worst Movie I've seen in a Very Long Time

By ntomassi
Written December 29, 2013
Even Joaquin Phoenix can't save this trite, meandering movie. The premise is ridiculous, but could have been salvaged by a more nuanced and thoughtful approach. Instead, Jonze hammers away at the idea that technology is isolating us and does almost nothing to create interesting connections or any meaningful exchanges among the characters. Stupid, stupid movie. I'll take HAL over Samantha any day.
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Good Acting, Tedious Story

By janicep323
Written December 27, 2013
Joaquin Phoenix was superb, no doubting that. But the story was a bit far-fetched and the presentation was tedious. I actually found myself almost falling asleep during the movie, which I never do! There was no dynamism and the story was weak. There are better movies right now to see.
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