I was fooled by the NY Times review

By marknelkin
Written December 23, 2013
The New York Times gave this a great review. In fact it is a good one liner. Basically a boring movie. We lasted one hour, which was more than it deserved, and then walked out.
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Brilliant and Timely

By WTruesmith
Written December 27, 2013
Best film of the year. Sensitve, proactive, and fascinating. Joaquin Phoenix is super and Scarlet Johanson is captivating. A film for our time like no other speaking to the connections we make with people and our machines.
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Fascinating and thought provoking story

By jetch
Written December 29, 2013
The basic concept for this movie is not all that surprising, given the advent of more impressive applications of artificial intelligence (Siri, Watson). But Spike Jonze takes the story in a very unconventional, non-Hollywood direction. Most writers would have turned this into a shallow romantic comedy (nothing wrong with romantic comedies, but…) or a science fiction horror story (a romantic Terminator?), but that's not where Jonze goes with the idea. There's a hint early on of where things are going, when the main character explains that in relationships, the partners change and have to hope they aren't changing so fast that it scares their partner. Then we watch it unfold as Samantha goes where Theodore can't possibly follow. Both Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson do a great job in roles that must have been very hard to pull off.
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Beautifully Crafted Film Depicting Our Dependency and Easiness towards Technology

By kowalskiumass
Written December 19, 2013
Spike Jonze has done it again. He wrote, produced and directed this futuristic sci-fi love story. He has become the jack of all trades in the cinema industry. The film can be loved in various aspects of art depending on the individual. Her was casted very well, the storyline was originaly crafted, it filled the audience with ups and downs of emotions and concisely for such a "simple" film I felt that Her's cinematography was the best of the year. Jonze's display of a futuristic Los Angeles was a mind of art on its own, however to incorporate a real sense of human nature into the way we see and feel love is magnificent. To combine the nature of love and our individual dependency our society holds with technology is not an easy task, but Jonze brought beauty with pain and hardships that we may all experience through out our lifetime. No matter who or what we hold a connection to, a feeling of dreariness will come between us when we lose that part of it creating Jonze's best film to date.
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Brilliant, accessible film about love. Viewing sensations similar to watching a Kubrick film.

By leahgetzoff
Written January 12, 2014
Finally a movie to evoke emotions and pleasures with the grace, honesty & visual reward of films from decades passed. Apparently, many reviewers found this movie to be too long, tedious, but I had no sense that two hours had passed. I was too wrapped up in the experience of this film, the questions it asks, the thoughtful answers it suggests, the success of the mise-en-scene & the beautiful acting. I felt like I was watching three stories simultaneously, a straight-forward love story about love itself, a love story potentially about the writer's own experience of love and a philosophical examination of love in different forms, examining how difficult and complicated love has become at this moment in time. I was pleasantly surprised by how open the film is. Even the "twee" moments in "her" were so honest & surely self-aware that they only lead to the success of the movie itself. "Her" is strongest in the first 2/3's of the movie, but there isn't much to fault. Spike Jonze blew me away.
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