Save your time; save your money

By MsKathyNY
Written April 30, 2015
Where to begin... This was tedious and actually kind of painful. Perhaps it made a good elevator pitch but it didn't make a good movie. Nothing much happens except the hero gazing wet-eyed at his little device as he chats with his operating system. Love is hard... Relationships are hard... Communication is hard.... yada, yada, yada. And please, someone explain why all the guys in this film wore their pants a couple of inches above the waist. Maybe this is some futuristic LA fashion? At least it gave me something to think about as I watched.
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In the not too distant future

By rosenyny
Written December 29, 2013
This is an engrossing movie on multiple levels: how far can technology go in creating truely thinking machines, what happens when the human thought process is no match for what technology has created, how far are any of us wiling to go to fill a social/emotional void, are we becoming way too attached to the uncomplicated, immediate gratification that our screen tools provide us. What do we really want or need from any relationship. The music is beautiful throughout the entire film. Very ethereal and somewhat sad at the same time. Joaquin Phoenix's performance is definitely Oscar worthy and if a voice can win an acting award then Scarlett Johansson should be nominated. This movie is NOT suitable for children under 14 (it is R rated for good reason).
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By travmerritt
Written December 26, 2013
this movie is amazingly beautiful. Her asks many questions 'what is human' 'what has become of human interaction' and 'what is emotion.' The acting is suburb, whether you ever see the most interesting character or not.
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By EsmereldaHortense
Written December 26, 2013
Interesting concept, but slow, too long, one note, writing is not very clever ( i.e., Theodore laughs at things Samantha says that aren't funny), Samantha is annoyingly cheerful and bland, and Theodore is overly mopey (30 minutes of morose walking around could have been cut).
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Too long!

By jblecker
Written January 11, 2014
Interesting concept, we'll acted but incessantly repetitive. I found it painful to sit there as I knew what the concept was and where the film was going and didn't care!
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