By prucutun
Written February 02, 2014
Beautifully written and acted, it tenderly tittilates and tickles every emotion of the viewer/voyeur. I laughed and got dewey eyed. Scarlet Johannson is stupendous, and a perfect partner for Joaquin Phoenix in lending flesh and soul to a voice. Science Fiction AND Romance. What could be better?
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Film of the Year

By powersofi
Written December 21, 2013
Whether you follow Her all the way through to the end and stick with it, it will remain one of the singular achievements of the modern cinema. It says as much about how we live now as how we might live. Phoenix is at his career-best (in a career that has been a series of highs) as Theodore and the rest of the cast is just as remarkable, including Scarlett Johansson who gives a layered, relatable performance through voice only. This is as stunning a portrait of the intersection of modernity and intimacy as we're likely to see, but it's also funny, human, sensitive and bewilderingly brilliant in its depiction of the near-future. It's a crowded awards-season slate out there, but make sure to set aside time for Her.
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so, so slow

By Sharon_Younkin
Written December 28, 2013
Interesting concept and the acting is good, but unless you're willing to consume a pot of espresso before watching, I'd skip this film and see something that will keep you awake.
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Interesting on a number of levels

By jomeyertons
Written January 26, 2014
Surprisingly sensitive and humane plot, a kindly new twist on the idea of A.I. as superior to humans yet non-malevolent, and interesting color palette choices in cinematography. Gentle humor throughout, along with some not so subtle irony. This is a movie about personal growth, both in people and in machines (yes, the movie explores the idea that machines can be sensitive entities that learn and grow). It's an awful lot of Joaquin Phoenix up close for my taste, but Amy Adams provides excellent relief. I liked it - it's the opposite of nearly every action-packed blockbuster out there, and in that respect it is really refreshingly different. For one thing, it's set in Los Angeles and there are few cars in the whole movie.
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By dit628
Written January 12, 2014
I thought Joacquin Phoenix was amazing in this movie. The movie is quirky, funny, sad, romantic.. Scarlet Johannson's sexy voice added credence to the OS. So many people have a negative feeling about going to see this movie. They don't know what they are missing.
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