Written August 15, 2008
I'm thankful to be able to attend the press screening of this character-driven emotional dark drama/comedy with a simple plot yet filled with thought-provoking thematic elements examining life and death, faith(and the lack of it), loneliness/alienation, depression, anger, hope... Director Mark Pellington shot the scenes in 'Henry Poole' beautifully with accompanying music that strikes the appropriate emotional chords. The editing by Lisa Churgin was a seamless expert effort. Luke Wilson appropriately cast as Henry Poole - displayed his versatile acting talents in this leading role. The rest of the ensemble performed admirably especially Adriana Barraza as his meddling neighbor Esperanza; George Lopez as Father Salazar; the evocative Morgan Lily as Millie; dewy Radha Mitchell as Dawn; talented Rachel Seiferth as Patience; and Cheryl Hines as Meg. Recommendation: Go see it! But skip this movie if you prefer mindless badly-scripted junk like Mummy 3. GRADE: SOLID B
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A Great Dark Comedy

By stormy waters
Written August 16, 2008
This was a very good move, that was inspirational, funny, sad, touching, and it made you feel good towards the end. Even though this movie was slow, it's a great movie that you have to go and see, because my first judgement on this movie wasn't good, but i saw myself enjoy this movie very much so. I hope at least some people go watch this movie, because this is a nice feel-good movie.
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Not your typical Hollywood Movie

By maggieatthemovies
Written September 03, 2008
This movie tells a unique story. The characters were refreshing with real human feelings and beliefs. Luke Wilson & George Lopez did a great job along with the three ladies in supporting roles. A nice change of pace compared to other movies with violence, drugs & profanity. I wish there were more movies of this type.
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Henry Poole Is Here- Trailer and official site

By batmin78
Written July 07, 2008
Here's a link to the official site for Luke's new movie Henry Poole Is Here, which hits theaters on August 15th! The movie is about a guy who abandons his fiancée and family business to spend what he believes are his remaining days alone. The discovery of a "miracle" by a nosy neighbor ruptures his solitude and restores his faith in life. [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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Henry Poole Is Here

By tomj8
Written August 17, 2008
This is a well acted and entertaining movie offering nostalgia, humor and even a hint of romance and features some good individual performances. Especially for younger viewers, it may tend to be slow in spots and even flirt with over-working a point, but in general it's free of most of the stereo typical gimmics except a couple of instances of unnecessary token language, no doubt thrown in to avoid the dreaded "G" rating, and predictable excesses in the size and exuberance of crowds, etc. My personal preference would have been a bit more time up front developing the story line and a little less dwelling on the current state of mind of the main character but in fairness that criticism wasn't shared by others who viewed the film with me. Although the music was good, the experience overall would probably have been enhanced with a little more musical emphasiis. You'll spend time trying to figure out what Henry Poole is really about, so I'd recommend it to those who like character studies.
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