Henry Poole is Here Synopsis
After learning he has only a short time to live, a man undergoes a miraculous transformation.
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I'm thankful to be able to attend the press screening of this character-driven emotional dark drama/comedy with a simple plot yet filled with thought-provoking thematic elements examining life and...

A Great Dark Comedy

By stormy waters
This was a very good move, that was inspirational, funny, sad, touching, and it made you feel good towards the end. Even though this movie was slow, it's a great movie that you have to go and see,...

Not your typical Hollywood Movie

By maggieatthemovies
This movie tells a unique story. The characters were refreshing with real human feelings and beliefs. Luke Wilson & George Lopez did a great job along with the three ladies in supporting roles. A...

Henry Poole Is Here- Trailer and official site

By batmin78
Here's a link to the official site for Luke's new movie Henry Poole Is Here, which hits theaters on August 15th! The movie is about a guy who abandons his fiancée and family business to spend what...

deep and touching if you let it be

By juliejetset
I went and saw "Henry Poole Is Here" tonight by myself. it was the perfect movie for me to see at the perfect time. its supposed to be a dark comedy, but it touched me on several levels. i...

A Thought-Provoking, Interesting Date Movie

By TravisMcFee
This is what I like to call a "big boy" movie. No car chases. No explosions. No witty repartee or snappy comebacks. It's a movie with a plot, and characters, and things to think about. Perhaps most...

Henry Poole Is Here

By tomj8
This is a well acted and entertaining movie offering nostalgia, humor and even a hint of romance and features some good individual performances. Especially for younger viewers, it may tend to be slow...

A must see !!!

By txcatlover
I loved this movie. A great movie about faith and hope. Touching and funny. Luke Wilson and all of the cast were fabulous. I highly recommend this movie. It was a very pleasant surprise. My...

Henry Poole is Here

By rljhubbard
I really liked this movie, it's thought provoking. It makes you question your own faith and how you look at hope, and what you would be like in Henry's situation. My husband and I talked for hours...

Christian Message

By MWF51
A total of 6 people watched this movie at a 9:10p Saturday Night show. Why a movie like this is swept under the carpet and terrible movies like step brothers are given great advertising, I'll never...

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Rated PG | For thematic elements and some language
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Common Sense Media says Faith-themed dramedy has heavy themes, drinking.
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