Henry J. Herbert
Date of Birth
Nov 12, 1879
Birth Place:
Providence, RI

Worked With

Year Name Title
1928 Jacqueline Logan Lookout Girl
1928 Russell Powell Napoleon's Barber
1928 Buddy Roosevelt Napoleon's Barber
1928 Johnny Hines Wright Idea
1927 Johnny Walker Cross Breed
1927 Walter Pidgeon The Girl from Rio
1926 Richard Talmadge The Blue Streak
1926 Yakima Canutt Desert Greed
1926 George Bancroft The Enchanted Hill
1926 Richard Arlen The Enchanted Hill
1926 Mary Brian The Enchanted Hill
1926 Noah Beery, Sr. The Enchanted Hill
1926 Jack Holt The Enchanted Hill
1926 Gary Cooper The Enchanted Hill
1926 Florence Vidor The Enchanted Hill
1926 George Magrill The Enchanted Hill
1926 Helen Broderick The Mystery Club
1926 Matt Moore The Mystery Club
1926 Warner Oland The Mystery Club
1924 ZaSu Pitts Daughters of Today
1924 Phillips Smalley Daughters of Today
1924 Ralph Graves Daughters of Today
1924 Patsy Ruth Miller Daughters of Today
1924 Colleen Moore So Big
1924 Rosemary Theby So Big
1924 Jean Hersholt So Big
1924 Frankie Darro So Big
1924 Ford Sterling So Big
1924 Ben Lyon So Big
1924 Phyllis Haver So Big
1924 Wallace Beery So Big
1924 Dot Farley So Big
1922 Oliver Hardy Fortune's Mask
1922 Patsy Ruth Miller Fortune's Mask
1922 Oliver Hardy Little Wildcat
1922 Richard Dix Yellow Men and Gold
1922 Fred Kohler Yellow Men and Gold
1922 Rosemary Theby Yellow Men and Gold
1920 Tom Mix The Cyclone
1920 Colleen Moore The Cyclone
1920 Dorothy Lee Her Elephant Man
1920 Shirley Mason Her Elephant Man
1919 Doris Kenyon Wild Honey
1919 Frank Mills Wild Honey
1916 Willard Louis Fires of Conscience
1916 William Farnum Fires of Conscience
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