Henry Edwards
Date of Birth
Sep 18, 1882
Birth Place:
Weston-Super-Mare, England

Worked With

Year Name Title
1953 Laurence Naismith The Long Memory
1953 Russell Waters The Long Memory
1953 John Mills The Long Memory
1953 John McCallum The Long Memory
1953 Thora Hird The Long Memory
1953 John Horsley The Long Memory
1953 Geoffrey Keen The Long Memory
1952 Hugh Sinclair Never Look Back
1952 Guy Middleton Never Look Back
1952 Rosamund John Never Look Back
1952 Bill Shine Never Look Back
1952 Brenda de Banzie Never Look Back
1952 Wilfrid Hyde-White The Promoter
1952 Alec Guinness The Promoter
1952 Petula Clark The Promoter
1952 Valerie Hobson The Promoter
1952 Michael Hordern The Promoter
1952 Glynis Johns The Promoter
1952 Gibb McLaughlin The Promoter
1952 Johnnie Schofield Something Money Can't Buy
1952 Moira Lister Something Money Can't Buy
1952 Patricia Roc Something Money Can't Buy
1951 Felix Aylmer The Lady with a Lamp
1951 Gordon Jackson The Lady with a Lamp
1951 Sybil Thorndike The Lady with a Lamp
1951 Edward Lexy The Lady with a Lamp
1951 Basil Dignam The Lady with a Lamp
1951 Anna Neagle The Lady with a Lamp
1951 Nigel Stock The Lady with a Lamp
1951 David Tomlinson The Magic Box
1951 Ronald Shiner The Magic Box
1951 Marianne Stone The Magic Box
1951 Maria Schell The Magic Box
1951 John Stuart The Magic Box
1951 Basil Sydney The Magic Box
1951 Sybil Thorndike The Magic Box
1951 Ernst Thesiger The Magic Box
1951 Peter Ustinov The Magic Box
1951 Googie Withers The Magic Box
1951 Richard Attenborough The Magic Box
1951 Muir Mathieson The Magic Box
1951 Laurence Olivier The Magic Box
1951 Emlyn Williams The Magic Box
1951 Miles Malleson The Magic Box
1951 Dennis Price The Magic Box
1951 Margaret Rutherford The Magic Box
1951 Janette Scott The Magic Box
1951 Glynis Johns The Magic Box
1951 Jack Hulbert The Magic Box
1951 Michael Redgrave The Magic Box
1951 Eric Portman The Magic Box
1951 Joyce Grenfell The Magic Box
1951 Leo Genn The Magic Box
1951 Robert Beatty The Magic Box
1951 Michael Hordern The Magic Box
1951 Robert Flemyng The Magic Box
1951 Kathleen Harrison The Magic Box
1951 Renée Ashershon The Magic Box
1951 Stanley Holloway The Magic Box
1951 Thora Hird The Magic Box
1951 Mervyn Johns The Magic Box
1951 Bernard Miles The Magic Box
1951 Robert Donat The Magic Box
1951 Bessie Love The Magic Box
1951 John McCallum The Magic Box
1951 Barry Jones The Magic Box
1951 Roland Culver The Magic Box
1951 Cecil Parker The Magic Box
1951 Johnnie Schofield White Corridors
1951 Petula Clark White Corridors
1951 Patrick Troughton White Corridors
1951 James Donald White Corridors
1951 Googie Withers White Corridors
1951 Bernard Lee White Corridors
1951 Barry Jones White Corridors
1951 Godfrey Tearle White Corridors
1951 Moira Lister White Corridors
1951 Basil Radford White Corridors
1951 Dana Wynter White Corridors
1951 Bruce Seton White Corridors
1951 Megs Jenkins White Corridors
1950 Peter Lorre Double Confession
1950 Naunton Wayne Double Confession
1950 Derek Farr Double Confession
1950 George Woodbridge Double Confession
1950 Kathleen Harrison Double Confession
1950 Jacques Sernas The Golden Salamander
1950 Anouk Aimée The Golden Salamander
1950 Trevor Howard The Golden Salamander
1950 Herbert Lom The Golden Salamander
1950 Wilfrid Hyde-White The Golden Salamander
1950 Percy Walsh The Golden Salamander
1950 Valentine Dyall The Golden Salamander
1950 Miles Malleson The Golden Salamander
1950 John Laurie Madeleine
1950 Barry Jones Madeleine
1950 Leslie Banks Madeleine
1950 Ivan Desny Madeleine
1950 Jean Cadell Madeleine
1950 Kynaston Reeves Madeleine
1950 Andre Morell Madeleine
1950 Anthony Newley Madeleine
1950 Stanley Baker The Rossiter Case
1950 Frederick Leister The Rossiter Case
1950 Jean Simmons Trio
1950 Kathleen Harrison Trio
1950 Finlay Currie Trio
1950 Roland Culver Trio
1950 Felix Aylmer Trio
1950 Bill Travers Trio
1950 Nigel Patrick Trio
1950 James Hayter Trio
1950 Michael Medwin Trio
1950 Andre Morell Trio
1950 Eliot Makeham Trio
1950 John Laurie Trio
1950 Wilfrid Hyde-White Trio
1950 Michael Rennie Trio
1950 Naunton Wayne Trio
1950 Michael Hordern Trio
1950 Glyn Houston Trio
1949 Frederick Leister Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Denholm Elliott Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Glynis Johns Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Heather Thatcher Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Cecilia Parker Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Bryan Forbes Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Dirk Bogarde Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Hermione Baddeley Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Ian Carmichael Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 James Hayter Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Russell Waters Dear Mr. Prohack
1949 Miles Malleson Woman Hater
1949 Peter Bull Woman Hater
1949 Valentine Dyall Woman Hater
1949 James Hayter Woman Hater
1949 Edwige Feuillère Woman Hater
1949 Michael Medwin Woman Hater
1949 Stewart Granger Woman Hater
1948 Terry-Thomas The Brass Monkey
1948 Ernst Thesiger The Brass Monkey
1948 Carole Landis The Brass Monkey
1948 Herbert Lom The Brass Monkey
1948 John Salew The Brass Monkey
1948 Edward Underdown The Brass Monkey
1948 John Salew Dulcimer Street
1948 Richard Attenborough Dulcimer Street
1948 Alastair Sim Dulcimer Street
1948 Arthur Lowe Dulcimer Street
1948 Russell Waters Dulcimer Street
1948 John Gregson Dulcimer Street
1948 Maurice Denham Dulcimer Street
1948 Hugh Griffith Dulcimer Street
1948 Diana Dors Oliver Twist
1948 Alec Guinness Oliver Twist
1948 Robert Newton Oliver Twist
1948 Gibb McLaughlin Oliver Twist
1948 Maurice Denham Oliver Twist
1948 Kathleen Harrison Oliver Twist
1948 Hattie Jacques Oliver Twist
1948 Anthony Newley Oliver Twist
1948 Henry Stephenson Oliver Twist
1948 Peter Bull Oliver Twist
1948 Francis L. Sullivan Oliver Twist
1948 Ralph Truman Oliver Twist
1948 Ernst Thesiger Quartet
1948 Linden Travers Quartet
1948 Naunton Wayne Quartet
1948 Ian Fleming Quartet
1948 Hermione Baddeley Quartet
1948 George Cole Quartet
1948 Felix Aylmer Quartet
1948 Honor Blackman Quartet
1948 Dirk Bogarde Quartet
1948 Wilfrid Hyde-White Quartet
1948 John Salew Quartet
1948 Basil Radford Quartet
1948 Cecil Parker Quartet
1948 Françoise Rosay Quartet
1948 James Robertson Justice Quartet
1948 Frederick Leister Quartet
1948 Mai Zetterling Quartet
1948 Bernard Lee Quartet
1948 Mervyn Johns Quartet
1948 Maurice Denham Take My Life
1948 Greta Gynt Take My Life
1948 Francis L. Sullivan Take My Life
1947 Hattie Jacques Green for Danger
1947 Megs Jenkins Green for Danger
1947 Rosamund John Green for Danger
1947 Trevor Howard Green for Danger
1947 George Woodbridge Green for Danger
1947 Alastair Sim Green for Danger
1947 Moore Marriott Green for Danger
1947 Sally Gray Green for Danger
1947 Leo Genn Green for Danger
1947 Cecil Parker The Magic Bow
1947 Marie Lohr The Magic Bow
1947 Dennis Price The Magic Bow
1947 Felix Aylmer The Magic Bow
1947 O.B. Clarence The Magic Bow
1947 Stewart Granger The Magic Bow
1947 Jean Kent The Magic Bow
1947 Anthony Holles The Magic Bow
1947 Phyllis Calvert The Magic Bow
1947 Eliot Makeham The Magic Bow
1941 Niall MacGinnis East of Piccadilly
1941 Martita Hunt East of Piccadilly
1941 George "Gabby" Hayes East of Piccadilly
1941 Margaret Rutherford Spring Meeting
1941 Basil Sydney Spring Meeting
1941 George "Gabby" Hayes The Strangler
1941 Martita Hunt The Strangler
1941 Niall MacGinnis The Strangler
1937 Basil Radford Captain's Orders
1937 Wally Patch Captain's Orders
1937 Roddy Hughes Captain's Orders
1933 Ben Welden General John Regan
1932 O.B. Clarence The Flag Lieutenant
1932 Anna Neagle The Flag Lieutenant
1929 Raymond Griffith Trent's Last Case
1929 Donald Crisp Trent's Last Case
1929 Kenny Williams Trent's Last Case
1929 Raymond Hatton Trent's Last Case
1929 Edgar Kennedy Trent's Last Case
1927 Julie Compton The Fake
1927 Lyn Harding Further Adventures of the Flag Lieutenant
1916 Florence Turner Doorsteps
1916 Florence Turner East Is East
1916 Edith Evans East Is East
1915 Florence Turner Alone in London
1915 Florence Turner Far From the Madding Crowd
1915 Florence Turner My Old Dutch
1915 Edith Evans A Welsh Singer
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