Henry Barrows

Worked With

Year Name Title
1932 Henry Stephenson The Animal Kingdom
1932 Florence Turner The Animal Kingdom
1932 Leslie Howard The Animal Kingdom
1932 Myrna Loy The Animal Kingdom
1932 William Gargan The Animal Kingdom
1932 Neil Hamilton The Animal Kingdom
1932 Ann Harding The Animal Kingdom
1931 Madge Evans Guilty Hands
1931 Lionel Barrymore Guilty Hands
1931 Alan Mowbray Guilty Hands
1931 C. Aubrey Smith Guilty Hands
1931 Kay Francis Guilty Hands
1929 Guy Oliver The Kibitzer
1929 Eugene Pallette The Kibitzer
1929 Dick Rush The Kibitzer
1929 Mary Brian The Kibitzer
1929 Neil Hamilton The Kibitzer
1929 David Newell The Kibitzer
1928 Reed Howes The Sky Ranger
1928 Jack Richardson Women Who Dare
1928 Johnny Hines Wright Idea
1927 Johnny Hines All Aboard
1927 Dot Farley All Aboard
1927 Frank S. Hagney All Aboard
1927 Dot Farley The Lost Limited
1927 Reed Howes The Lost Limited
1927 Mary Astor The Sunset Derby
1927 Cornelius Keefe Three's a Crowd
1927 Harry Langdon Three's a Crowd
1927 Johnny Hines White Pants Willie
1927 Leila Hyams White Pants Willie
1926 Dolores Costello The Little Irish Girl
1926 Dot Farley The Little Irish Girl
1926 Patsy Ruth Miller Oh! What A Nurse
1926 Edgar Kennedy Oh, What a Nurse
1926 Patsy Ruth Miller Oh, What a Nurse
1926 Hedda Hopper Skinner's Dress Suit
1926 Arthur Lake Skinner's Dress Suit
1926 Grady Sutton Skinner's Dress Suit
1926 Reginald Denny Skinner's Dress Suit
1926 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Skinner's Dress Suit
1925 Natacha Rambova Cobra
1925 Rudolph Valentino Cobra
1925 David Butler The Man on the Box
1924 Norman Kerry Between Friends
1924 Anna Q. Nilsson Between Friends
1924 J. Warren Kerrigan Captain Blood
1924 Boyd Irwin Captain Blood
1923 Kathlyn Williams Broadway Gold
1923 Marshall Neilan Broadway Gold
1923 Elliott Dexter Broadway Gold
1923 Buck Jones Footlight Ranger
1923 Rod La Rocque Jazzmania
1923 Mae Murray Jazzmania
1923 Jean Hersholt Jazzmania
1923 Charley Chase Long Live the King
1923 Alan Hale Long Live the King
1923 Jackie Coogan Long Live the King
1923 Rosemary Theby Long Live the King
1923 Lon Chaney The Shock
1922 Betty Compson Law and the Woman
1922 Richard Talmadge Putting It Over
1922 John McCallum A Tailor Made Man
1922 Jacqueline Logan A Tailor Made Man
1922 Frank R. Butler A Tailor Made Man
1922 Charles Ray A Tailor Made Man
1922 Fred Kohler Yellow Men and Gold
1922 Rosemary Theby Yellow Men and Gold
1922 Richard Dix Yellow Men and Gold
1919 Carl Stockdale The Amazing Impostor
1919 Murdock MacQuarrie Gambling in Souls
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