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After the death of her boyfriend, a psychology student (Song Jia) faces the wrath of his spirit.

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The Help

By darling137
Great Movie!!!! Hate Fandango!!!!...


By cdetiiho
A GREAT movie! I laughed and cried. The acting was superb. Emma Stone played an award winning Skeeter. A good movie for the over 13 crowd. They will be amazed at how really ignorant we were back then....

The Help

By suzik332
Awesome Movie! Forget the social consciense crap, this is just a good movie with a great topic anyone who has ever worked for someone else, can relate too. It made me laugh and cry and I left the...

The Help

By sheltonwat
Film was excellent. The acting, directing and music made it a perfect 10. Due to so of language and adult content, not recommended for kids under 13 years of age....

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