Violence, Vixens and the Victors

By Will_Dearborn
Written August 02, 2008
A bizarre hybrid of biker movie and spaghetti western, writer-director Larry Bishop's "Hell Ride" is a tremendous piece of entertainment, while not always the most coherent one. Bishop plays Pistolero, the (somewhat inexplicable) super-stud leader of a biker gang called the Victors. With his two brothers-on-bikes, The Gent (a super-cool Michael Madsen) and Comanche (rising star Eric Balfour), Pistolero roams the countryside, protecting his turf and sleeping with EVERY woman who crosses his path. But when a rival biker gang, the Six-Six-Sixers, led by BIlly Wings (a spectacular Vinnie Jones) shows up to take out the Victors, war is declared. And everything hinges on a secret kept by Comanche. Violence and nudity are in no short supply, and Dennis Hopper's Eddie Zero comes in about halfway through to steal the show. The man who brought biker movies into the mainstream is clearly at home atop his chopper. Not for everyone, but the Grindhouse fans should be more than satisfied.
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I liked this movie

By plumpy_cat
Written August 13, 2008
Lots of nudity, blood, vintage motorcycles, fricken hilarious dialog, Another good one from Tarantino.
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What the fvck is wrong with people today???

By fuhQ
Written August 10, 2008
How is it that a fvcking kick-***movie like Hell Ride is getting shot down in flames from ***dango users, but sh!t movies like Superbad, Knocked Up, and Pineapple Express are popular? Wow. There must be an awful lot of a sniveling geeks in the world these days in order for dovchebags like Seth Rogan, Michael Cera, and Jonah Hill to be popular. It's sad actually. As for Hell's by far the best movie to come out this summer. I'm going to go see it again tonight.
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funny movie

By Creep69
Written August 13, 2008
saw this last night...I laugh my butt off through the whole thing. way over the top fighting and gore and the script was really funny. one of those "so bad you have to laugh" movies but you can tell it was intentional. I really liked it a lot. might see it again.
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bikes beer and booty!!!!!

By Hankytank
Written August 13, 2008
what what surprise! i watched this over weekend and all impressed. i know that tarantino had something to do with it but im imrpessed with the directer who also wrote and acted the lead role. some very funny parts in the movie and as others have said lots of violence, drugs, and BOOTY!
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