Great film

By lilliankeeve
Written November 28, 2015
This film truly is thought provoking. I was pulled in the second it started and I never lost interest. It really does raise awareness of teenagers and what they experience in school and at home. A lot of what the main character feels is disconnect from the people at his school and never really truly fitting in. He was just a lost kid who didn’t know what else to do to make people actually notice him and he decided to act upon this with violence.
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Love this film !

By benjamintrochu06
Written February 08, 2016
I'm literally in awe from this film. From the past events from this year alone, this film does a great job in captivating extreme situations our youth are exposed to in school for example. Its scary to think the breaking point peers can have on one another. after seeing the film I saw the versatility Norman Reedus has as an actor and extremely surprised at Garrett Backstrom ability to play such a strong role. I honestly was surprised at how well he actually became Herman Howards. Everyone should honestly do themselves the favor and watch this film. All I can say is how amazing this film was and how at the same time it helped me get a better understanding of what the extent of bullying can do to others. When you know better, you do better.
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Go watch now!!

By pheniox135
Written January 30, 2015
Michelle Danner's "Hello Herman" was probably the most relatable family film that anyone will experience. It is a must-see film for every movie- goer. The plot, characters and scenes in the film are so real and shocking that it will get you up and out of your seat. The thought provoking questions that are answered in this film about bullying and violence will have you pondering on how a child would ever think to commit such a horrible crime. The consequences that are seen in the film are shocking, but deserving. It's a story of a bully, journalist, and boy suffers for what he does. Overall, I think Michelle Danner did a great job directing this film, and Norman Reedus' performance is amazing to say the least.
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good movie

By hyeyoonk12
Written July 07, 2015
Michelle Danner’s new film "Hello Herman," staring norman reedus is a roller coaster ride of emotion’s. Passionate and controversial it opens up the all too hot topic of gun control & bullying. This film featuring powerful performances from Reedus and Backstrom, and a fine ensemble cast (notably Danner herself as Herman's mother) "Hello Herman" is a timely film not to be missed!
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Riveting film

By sandisbabauskis
Written September 02, 2015
A Haunting Tale about a teenager. This movie was made by the talented director, actress and producer Michelle Danner and staring Norman Reedus from the walking dead.. The movie highlights the need for recognition, to be famous,  to be loved and love in return, the need of security, and the need of self- actualization. I highly recommend this film Michelle Danner has done a fine job of directing and playing the mother in this movie.
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