Hello Herman Synopsis
Herman goes to his high school and goes on a shooting rampage to get on his idol's talk show.

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Slant Magazine

By Andrew Schenker
The alignment with Herman's perspective, even as it never downplays the gravity of his crimes, leads the film into a set of obvious...
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The New York Times

By Jeannette Catsoulis
Pointing at everything and elucidating nothing, Hello Herman arrives freighted with the anti-bullying agenda of its director, Michelle...
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Village Voice

The dialogue is all surface: Emotions are laid out on the autopsy table for the audience to dissect and analyze, but rarely feel.
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Los Angeles Times

By Amy Nicholson
We're not sure what director Michelle Danner, who plays Herman's defensive mother in an uncredited role, wants us to get besides a reminder...
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Time Out New York

It barely tries to offer insight into its much-debated subject, content to rip the scab off an ever-fresh wound for the sake of...
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Great film

By lilliankeeve
This film truly is thought provoking. I was pulled in the second it started and I never lost interest. It really does raise awareness of teenagers and what they experience in school and at home. ...

Love this film !

By benjamintrochu06
I'm literally in awe from this film. From the past events from this year alone, this film does a great job in captivating extreme situations our youth are exposed to in school for example. Its scary...

Go watch now!!

By pheniox135
Michelle Danner's "Hello Herman" was probably the most relatable family film that anyone will experience. It is a must-see film for every movie- goer. The plot, characters and scenes in the film are...

good movie

By hyeyoonk12
Michelle Danner’s new film "Hello Herman," staring norman reedus is a roller coaster ride of emotion’s. Passionate and controversial it opens up the all too hot topic of gun control & bullying. This...

Hello Herman Review

By kevinpark9
The chemistry between the two leads (Reedus and Backstrom) was outstanding. They definitely played off each other and it worked. I also found Herman's mother's (Michelle Danner) monologue to be quite...

Riveting film

By sandisbabauskis
A Haunting Tale about a teenager. This movie was made by the talented director, actress and producer Michelle Danner and staring Norman Reedus from the walking dead.. The movie highlights the need...

Monster or Human

By gmeunier11
This a truly haunting film. Norman Reedus as an online journalist is understated and thoughtful. Garett Buckstrom as the teenager killer is oddly compelling. It's a powerful subject, hypnotically...

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