By Sean282
Written July 17, 2008
Although this movie had it's slow moments, I would have to say its a good movie overall. This movie could quite possibly be considered a chick flick...who knew?!
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Loads of Action, Fun, and Mayhem - How can you loose?

By saintandrew
Written July 17, 2008
Just saw Hellboy II - The Golden Army. This was a fast paced well executed story with superb special effects. Guillermo del Toro's Vision for the film outdid the 1st installment by a significant measure. Some of the comedic scenes fell short but, for the balance of the film, everything else worked. The execution of the story onto the screen was elaborate and richly detailed and the acting was great; Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones bring their characters to life with great intensity. When the mythical world starts a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth, Hellboy and friends are there to save humanity - ungrateful though they are for that little service. If you didn't see the first (I chose to rent that one after an all nighter that left me in bed sick for a whole day) no matter, this one works so well you get the background very very quickly. At a minimum, go see it for the special effects and the visually stimulating sets. It’s worth it just for that.
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the hulk

By tonloc
Written July 11, 2008
It was an excellent action pack moive enjoy it better than the first one. Cant wait for the advangers.
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first but not the last

By mikerich
Written December 25, 2007
the first hellboy was awesome fav movie thats why i have nassty chops not as big as hellboy but i have allways like chops and the movie just was a inspiration to continue growing chops
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HELLBOY - visual smorgasbord! Grade: B-average. Should strike GOLD opening weekend.

Written July 09, 2008
Guillermo del Toro's attention to detail and his ultra-sense of the weird were in full bloom in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Toro and Hellboy creator/artist/writer, Mike Mignola, co-wrote this BUSY and ultimately very predictable screenplay. Hellboy II was action from start to finish - and quite exhausting at that! Give us more breaks - with more character developments - less hype! (Though improved, Selma Blair still sucked in her role) The prosthetics and animatronics creatures and effects were PLENTY- satisfying the most die-hard hardcore fans of this genre. Toro's muse du jour, Doug Jones, was especially MASTERFUL and EXPRESSIVE at channeling Toro's creatures. I especially enjoyed his portrayal of the Angel of Death. The best scene in the movie was surprisingly NOT the Golden Army's inevitable activation - BUT, was the CATHARTIC SATISFYING CLIMACTIC showdown between the elf-prince Nuada and Hellboy. Recommendation: Go see it - but be prepared for sensory overload!
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