Hellboy II: The Golden Army Synopsis
Hellboy and his team battle a merciless dictator and his seemingly unstoppable army.
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By Sean282
Although this movie had it's slow moments, I would have to say its a good movie overall. This movie could quite possibly be considered a chick flick...who knew?!...

Loads of Action, Fun, and Mayhem - How can you loose?

By saintandrew
Just saw Hellboy II - The Golden Army. This was a fast paced well executed story with superb special effects. Guillermo del Toro's Vision for the film outdid the 1st installment by a significant...

the hulk

By tonloc
It was an excellent action pack moive enjoy it better than the first one. Cant wait for the advangers....

first but not the last

By mikerich
the first hellboy was awesome fav movie thats why i have nassty chops not as big as hellboy but i have allways like chops and the movie just was a inspiration to continue growing chops...

HELLBOY - visual smorgasbord! Grade: B-average. Should strike GOLD opening weekend.

Guillermo del Toro's attention to detail and his ultra-sense of the weird were in full bloom in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Toro and Hellboy creator/artist/writer, Mike Mignola, co-wrote this BUSY...

Hellboy II

By suzdunn
Not as good as I but still worth the big screen....

Masturbatory Fanboy horse****that excludes regular people

By joeskid2003
This is a very ridiculous and dumb way to rate a movie. How can you give a movie a rating you haven't even seen? Oh yeah, I am jazzed to see this movie cause the trailer looks awesome..so I give it a...

No appeal to those over 10.

By galvorniii
The first film was good - accessible to all. This was targeted to children. So, the story was weak, and superficial. Most if the gags were sophmoric if not outright childish. Characters took...


By austin567
this movie looks dumber then narna2...

Good Summer Adventure Film

By zontar_at_venus
Entertaining and action packed. The story made sense even though I was not familiar with the graphic novel or the first movie. The plot kept up suspense and surprises without leaving me wondering...

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Rated PG-13 | For sequences of sci-fi action and violence, and some language
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Common Sense Media says Imaginative, campy comic book fun; lots of scares.
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