Helene Chadwick
Date of Birth
Nov 25, 1897
Birth Place:
Chadwick, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1937 Fred "Snowflake" Toones A Star Is Born
1937 Lana Turner A Star Is Born
1937 Lionel Stander A Star Is Born
1937 Franklin Pangborn A Star Is Born
1937 May Robson A Star Is Born
1937 Marshall Neilan A Star Is Born
1937 Dennis O'Keefe A Star Is Born
1937 Peggy Wood A Star Is Born
1937 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams A Star Is Born
1937 Clarence H. Wilson A Star Is Born
1937 Edgar Kennedy A Star Is Born
1937 Carole Landis A Star Is Born
1937 Janet Gaynor A Star Is Born
1937 Clara Blandick A Star Is Born
1937 Andy Devine A Star Is Born
1937 Ferdinand Munier A Star Is Born
1937 David Newell A Star Is Born
1937 Owen Moore A Star Is Born
1937 Fredric March A Star Is Born
1937 Adolphe Menjou A Star Is Born
1936 Edgar Kennedy San Francisco
1936 Wilbur Mack San Francisco
1936 George Magrill San Francisco
1936 Jeanette MacDonald San Francisco
1936 John Miller San Francisco
1936 Belle Mitchell San Francisco
1936 Bob McKenzie San Francisco
1936 Ted Healy San Francisco
1936 Edward Earle San Francisco
1936 Vernon Dent San Francisco
1936 Clark Gable San Francisco
1936 Sherry Hall San Francisco
1936 Jack Holt San Francisco
1936 Flora Finch San Francisco
1936 Harold Huber San Francisco
1936 Harry Myers San Francisco
1936 King Baggot San Francisco
1936 John Kelly San Francisco
1936 David Thursby San Francisco
1936 Tom Dugan San Francisco
1936 Dennis O'Keefe San Francisco
1936 Bruce Mitchell San Francisco
1936 George Guhl San Francisco
1936 Spencer Tracy San Francisco
1936 Shirley Ross San Francisco
1936 Al Shean San Francisco
1936 Pat O'Malley San Francisco
1936 Henry Roquemore San Francisco
1936 Charles Sullivan San Francisco
1936 Rosemary Theby San Francisco
1936 Carl Stockdale San Francisco
1935 Edward McWade Frisco Kid
1935 Charles B. Middleton Frisco Kid
1935 James C. Morton Frisco Kid
1935 Edward J. Le Saint Frisco Kid
1935 Margaret Lindsay Frisco Kid
1935 Barton MacLane Frisco Kid
1935 George E. Stone Frisco Kid
1935 Harry Seymour Frisco Kid
1935 Robert Strange Frisco Kid
1935 Joe Sawyer Frisco Kid
1935 Dick Rush Frisco Kid
1935 John Francis Dillon Frisco Kid
1935 James Cagney Frisco Kid
1935 Donald Woods Frisco Kid
1935 William Desmond Frisco Kid
1935 Fred Kohler Frisco Kid
1935 Ricardo Cortez Frisco Kid
1935 Ann Sheridan Mississippi
1935 King Baggot Mississippi
1935 Stanley Andrews Mississippi
1935 Bing Crosby Mississippi
1935 J.P. McGowan Mississippi
1935 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Mississippi
1935 John Larkin Mississippi
1935 Dennis O'Keefe Mississippi
1935 Bob McKenzie Mississippi
1935 W.C. Fields Mississippi
1935 Lew Kelly Mississippi
1935 Fred Kohler Mississippi
1935 Jerome Storm Mississippi
1935 Joan Bennett Mississippi
1935 Harry Myers Mississippi
1935 Gail Patrick Mississippi
1935 Jack Mulhall Mississippi
1935 Lois Wilson School for Girls
1935 Robert Warwick School for Girls
1935 Dorothy Lee School for Girls
1935 Anna Q. Nilsson School for Girls
1935 Edward J. Le Saint School for Girls
1935 George Cleveland School for Girls
1935 William Farnum School for Girls
1935 Myrtle Stedman School for Girls
1935 Paul Kelly School for Girls
1935 Charles Ray School for Girls
1935 Anne Shirley School for Girls
1935 Purnell Pratt School for Girls
1934 Kenneth MacDonald Good Dame
1934 William Farnum Good Dame
1934 Walter Brennan Good Dame
1934 Cecil Weston Good Dame
1934 Sylvia Sidney Good Dame
1934 Fredric March Good Dame
1931 Lola Lane Hell Bound
1931 Leo Carrillo Hell Bound
1930 Eugene Pallette Men Are Like That
1930 Charles Sellon Men Are Like That
1930 Clara Blandick Men Are Like That
1929 Jack Holt Father and Son
1929 Noah Beery, Jr. Father and Son
1929 Dorothy Revier Father and Son
1928 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Modern Mothers
1928 Francis X. Bushman Say It with Sables
1928 Jack Richardson Women Who Dare
1927 Harry Myers Bachelor Baby
1927 Harry Myers The Bachelor's Baby
1927 Ed Brady Rose of Kildare
1927 Pat O'Malley Rose of Kildare
1927 Henry B. Walthall Rose of Kildare
1927 Phillips Smalley Stage Kisses
1927 Dorothy Revier Stolen Pleasures
1926 Phyllis Haver Hard Boiled
1926 Charley Chase Hard Boiled
1926 Tom Mix Hard Boiled
1926 Hedda Hopper Pleasures of the Rich
1926 Jack Mulhall Pleasures of the Rich
1925 Huntly Gordon Golden Cocoon
1925 Rosemary Theby Re-Creation of Brian Kent
1925 ZaSu Pitts Re-Creation of Brian Kent
1925 Clive Brook Woman Hater
1924 Antonio Moreno Border Legion
1924 Marie Prevost Dark Swan
1924 Lilyan Tashman Dark Swan
1924 Monte Blue Dark Swan
1924 Montagu Love Love of Women
1924 Lowell Sherman Masked Dancer
1924 Basil Rathbone Trouping with Ellen
1924 Tyrone Power Trouping with Ellen
1924 Lewis Stone Why Men Leave Home
1924 Hedda Hopper Why Men Leave Home
1923 Henry B. Walthall Gimme
1923 Eleanor Boardman Gimme
1923 Henry B. Walthall Gimmie
1923 Eleanor Boardman Gimmie
1923 Jean Hersholt Quicksands
1923 Louis King Quicksands
1923 John Farrell MacDonald Quicksands
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Quicksands
1923 Alan Hale Quicksands
1923 Richard Dix Quicksands
1923 Hedda Hopper Reno
1922 Mae Busch Brothers Under the Skin
1922 Edward Peil Sr. The Dust Flower
1922 Richard Dix Glorious Fool
1922 Richard Dix Sin Flood
1922 Fred Kohler Yellow Men and Gold
1922 Rosemary Theby Yellow Men and Gold
1922 Richard Dix Yellow Men and Gold
1921 Richard Dix Dangerous Curve Ahead
1921 Tom Moore From the Ground Up
1921 Irene Rich Godless Men
1921 Tom Moore Made in Heaven
1920 Nelson McDowell Cupid, the Cowpuncher
1920 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Cupid, the Cowpuncher
1920 Will Rogers Cupid, the Cowpuncher
1919 Robert Warwick An Adventure in Hearts
1919 Harrison Ford Girls
1919 Henry B. Walthall Long Arm of Mannister
1919 Bryant Washburn A Very Good Young Man
1919 Anna Q. Nilsson A Very Good Young Man
1918 Antonio Moreno The Naulahka
1918 Warner Oland The Naulahka
1917 Antonio Moreno Angel Factory
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