Heart of a Dog Synopsis
Musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson reflects on the deaths of her husband Lou Reed, her mother and her beloved dog.
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Rich, wise and transformational

By joejensen888
Movie theatre serve many functions in modern life. We escape from reality, we use them to tell someone who we are by our choices, and sometime it is a meditative hall where we try to understand...

This Film Has Heart

By helen29
It seems the movie is often shedding its own tears… as if life itself is crying. In her poetic film collage essay Laurie Anderson is more beautifully and thoughtfully herself than ever...Despite...


By jetRed
The whole dragged out point to this dreary flick is.... Drum roll.... She doesn't love her mother!...

Where can I see this movie?

By gutierrezjesse80
Please help me locate a theater in Houston, Texas that is planning to show this movie. I have gone online and can't seem to get more information besides release date of 10/21/2015 NYC and then...