By Definitive18x
Written September 12, 2008
Incredibly sexy and funny movie
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By babygirl411
Written September 08, 2007
so so so so funnay
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By Ruby_Redz
Written October 21, 2008
I usually don't do the comedy mixed with romance, but this one was quite entertaining, and I laughed at many of the scenes, and all of the back stabbing that was going on was hilarious. Not to mention the cast was outstanding, especially Sigourney, and Gene. I'm so impressed about their versatile acting skills. They are so talented. I'd watched this again.
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"One of Favorite Comedy/Romance Films"

By jerseyjones
Written January 18, 2009
This movie was really great and cute. I liked the cast and story. This is one of favorite Comedy/Romance Movies.
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