• Released
  • April 27, 2012
  • (Limited NY, LA 4/27)
  • R , 1 hr 40 min
  • Action/Adventure


By moviefan33
Written May 11, 2012
One of the best movies we have seen for a long time - keeps you guessing til the end - absolutely brilliant - I'm sure Hollywood will make their own version after seeing this one - well done! Not for kids!
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Sorry but

By Hmazz
Written May 28, 2012
Way too much gratuitous violence, and I did not read enough reviews to warn me, so some people like that- fine. But dont pretend depth when you have none. Its a sketch pretending to be more, clothed in Euro angst ( hence the black and white allure) - but just an empty thriller fashioned after Holly woods most obvious. . Each scene was crafted to manipulate the audience in the most blatant way. You dont look back and think , well I guess I could have second guessed that, because you could not have-it was loaded to make you think one way, but then that was not what was really happening? Oh Please. I really did not like this film though he gave a good performance.
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By walkman666
Written May 13, 2012
Suspenseful, fun, violent, gripping and non Americanized. The way a thriller should be done!
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Great Norwegian Thriller

By Iseeeverymovie
Written June 03, 2012
I only gave this a Go instead of a MUST GO because it is very graphically violent and might be too much for some filmgoers. Other than that, it is a complex, entertaining thriller that will not disappoint. Especially for any of you liked any of the recent Scandinavian films. What are those Northerners up to? ISEEEVERYMOVIE
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By Mr Film Freak
Written May 06, 2012
I just saw HeadHuntersRoger, Roger (Aksel Hennie) seems to have it all but in the thirst for more gets caught up in twisted game of cat and mouse that has him risking everything to get out of! Good story line, twist, violence, with a dash of dark humor I give it a B-. *Note: In Norwegian and Danish with English subtitles.
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