Hay Plumb
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1882

Worked With

Year Name Title
1939 Ronald Shiner Flying Fifty-Five
1939 John Miller Flying Fifty-Five
1939 Derrick de Marney Flying Fifty-Five
1939 Basil Radford Let's Be Famous
1938 Roland Young Sailing Along
1938 Jessie Matthews Sailing Along
1938 Alastair Sim Sailing Along
1938 Tom Walls Strange Boarders
1938 Googie Withers Strange Boarders
1938 George "Gabby" Hayes Strange Boarders
1938 Martita Hunt Strange Boarders
1937 Mervyn Johns Song of the Forge
1937 Stanley Holloway Song of the Forge
1935 John Mills Car of Dreams
1934 Cecil Parker The Blue Squadron
1934 Esmond Knight The Blue Squadron
1934 John Stuart The Blue Squadron
1934 Edmund Gwenn Channel Crossing
1934 Nigel Bruce Channel Crossing
1934 Constance Cummings Channel Crossing
1934 Wally Patch Channel Crossing
1934 Bernard Miles Channel Crossing
1934 Finlay Currie Orders Is Orders
1934 Wally Patch Orders Is Orders
1934 Charlotte Greenwood Orders Is Orders
1934 Eliot Makeham Orders Is Orders
1934 James Gleason Orders Is Orders
1934 Ray Milland Orders Is Orders
1934 Ian Hunter Orders Is Orders
1934 Cedric Hardwicke Orders Is Orders
1934 Conrad Veidt Power
1934 Cedric Hardwicke Power
1934 Percy Walsh Power
1934 Francis L. Sullivan Power
1934 Dennis Hoey Power
1934 Gibb McLaughlin Power
1934 Benita Hume Power
1934 Kynaston Reeves Power
1934 William Gargan Things Are Looking Up
1934 Vivien Leigh Things Are Looking Up
1933 Moore Marriott The House of Trent
1933 Wendy Barrie The House of Trent
1933 Estelle Winwood The House of Trent
1933 John Stuart The House of Trent
1931 Esmond Knight Deadlock
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