Hav Faith Synopsis
Hamilton A. Vaughn a former promoter, better known as HAV, experiences a life changing incident that catapults him to the forefront of prominent Mission Church. Hav Faith is a modern day telling of the story of Joseph.

Movie Reviews


By Alexisgorden
Great Movie. Worth expanding!...


By 9014094484
I had the pleasure of watching this movie. I Love how this movie had me on a Rollercoaster. It is filled with life experiences. My message I got was there is nothing God wants do for you or I and he...

Two Thumbs Up

By shaquinthiaandrews
I really enjoyed this movie and the message....


By Jennygarnermua
This movie has blessed me more than I ever thought a movie could. The cast was phenomenal the vision was clear and simple. This movie took a bible story and brought it into a 21st century....

By loverne1974
The movie was Absolutely great. It was very moving in so many different ways. To observe the others reaction was even better. We need more encouraging movies such as this one. Great Job!!...


By mphsg623
just a great movie. great work by the cast and our son howard l. bell iv. your mom and i are proud of you. not because you are our son but for the passion you have displayed in working with others...

Enjoyable and Heart warming

By Amaise
I really enjoyed the movie. It had a good message. It made me laugh as well as think about how God can truly move in your life and be right on time....

Terralyn and Anthony

By t4youth123
This movie was soul-stirring, moving, inspiring, and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as it will having you laughing one minute and crying the next. A must see. Still on our minds....

AWESOME and most inspirational movie

By minadavis
story was real life and very moving performances by the entire cast!!...


By char8312016810
I am so thankful that this movie is here. It was a beautiful one. And I enjoyed it very much. It had faith, love, hope, and most of all it had Jesus Christ....

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