• Released
  • October 19, 2012
  • (Limited)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 25 min
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    Culture & Society
Hating Breitbart Synopsis
A man starts a website that upends the traditional press, and he becomes a target of the media.
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By markrickerby
This film clearly demonstrates the liberal agenda most of the American media promotes today, and the lengths it will go to silence someone who doesn't agree with any part of it. It succeeds in doing...

Breitbart Movie Sheds Light on The Man and the Ongoing Battle with MainstreamLiberal Media

By swashbuckler_40
Loved this documentary. This film shed light on who Andrew Breitbart was and how he helped to change the political blogging landscape. Would've liked to have seen more of his transformation from...

great overview

By tinynaylor
Having met Andrew and having our kids at the same school, it was great to see behind the scenes of what was really going on. The movie real shows how the media is trying to brainwash the US citizens...


By ruck0752
This should be called "Being Breitbart" because I found it more of a movie that teaches you how to be a conservative activist. Breitbart may be gone but we learn from him in this great movie to...

Loving Breitbart

By barb_k
I loved this movie. Profane and socially libertarian Breitbart fits no stereotype of a conservative. The film shows his "two emotions: jocularity, and righteous indignation" toward the media biased...

Hating Breitbart MUST SEE!

By Ann-Marie Murrell
Why are people so terrified of hearing BOTH sides of the story? That was Andrew Breitbart's goal in life--to "change the narrative" and point out the hypocrisy and truth about the 'National...

You Won't Regret Seeing This

By amberhart2
It doesn't matter what political party you belong to...you will thoroughly enjoy this movie. It was a fantastic glimpse into the life that was Andrew Breitbart. Even if you don't agree with his...

Things that make you go hmmm

By killzface
The film was great and I would definitely recommend it. Breitbart was hated by the media, hence the name of the film. The film is eye opening to how the media portrays people and things or won't even...

Fearless Mutha Effer

By MJR1969
Great movie, about a fearless muther #&&%@ who stood up for what he believed and challenged those who didn't. Whatever your political affiliation, this is a must see movie about a man who was only...


By jenncaston
Hating Breitbart is a MUST SEE for everyone! Andrew was never afraid to speak his mind and defend the truth. He has inspired so many people to stand up for what they believe and squash the lies...

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Common Sense Media says Docu one-sidedly reveres late right-wing media provocateur.
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