Hatchet II Synopsis
This sequel picks up where the first movie ends with Marybeth returning to the Louisiana swamps with an army of hunters seeking vengeance.
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Hatchet II is old school fun

By michaelvelasquez
though there was far too much exposition, especially for a sequel who's audience is likely filled with fans who've already seen the first film, Hatchet II is a fun, gory homage to the slasher films...

HATCHET 2 delivers the goods

By Marcpilvinsky
HATCHET 2 ups the ante in just about every conceivable way. It's hilarious, the gore is incredibly over-the-top, and it's just an amazingly fun time at the movies. And seeing this in a crowded...

On a par with Pirahna 3D

By x Scoot M16 x
This movie was hillarious and especially since there were about 6 people in the theatre. Viktor Crowley returns better than ever. This (in my opinion) was a lot better than the first one. There was...

Five Word Review

By srubia
Same **** as the first...

Five Word Review

By mperaginejr
bloody good time ******* great...

Lots of blood and killing involved!

By LGxGirL
I enjoyed watching Hatchet I and II more than Paranormal Activity I & II. This movie can bring you more excitement and entertain you for the remaining hours you have to sit through the movie. Even...

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