Harvest of Empire Synopsis
Explores a wide array of factors leading to an unprecedented wave of Latino migration.
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Everyone Should See This!!

By karynhollis
Go see it! You will learn a lot about the tragedy of immigration from Latin American countries in a (shall I say?) "entertaining" way. The documentary is loaded with facts and footage from the past...

Harvest of Empire

By defeche
This is a great movie, really important for every American to see. Truly an eye opener for even the most political savvy among us, regardless of your political affiliation. Go see it now ! Well...

Harvest of Empire

By MiHager
A great documentary on how US foreign policy has had a significant impact on the number of Latinos seeking to come to the US. Eye-opening and well done!...

Excellent movie

By swinter181
This movie does a great job of explaining the causes of immigration issues in this country. Provides details that are not widely known to the average American. I think this is must see for everyone....